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Something Something
I feel tired...but satisfied, at least ^^

My left pinky is hurting from the burn T_T

Haha~ bleh~

I feel weird...I think I'm happy, then again I feel I'm not...

A Flower in A Field
If I were a flower in a field...

If that flower were to wilt away and die, no one would notice, would they?
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Yeah! Again...

Anyways, I made new icons! Hoho~









Feel free to use! Just credit, of course~

MTS Graduation
Today, ania graduated from Ministerial Training School! ^-^

Oh yeah, I forgot to update before. But anyway, ania was accepted to study for two months in Bethel for the MTS.

Obvisouly, we missed him! Hoho~ He actually can go home now, but he said he'd want to stay in Bethel for around two nights so he could send his clothes for laundry, and less clothes to wash for us at home.

During the program, someone announced the graduates and their specific assignments. Ania's assignment was a regular pioneer in Paco~ I thought he'd be asked to help out in Chinatown. Not that I don't like him to help, but...

So, anyway...

Congratulations, ania~!
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Yeah! This song is REALLY nice! I love it very much. It's so...sad T_T

Sarangingeol (Mose)
SarangingeolCollapse )

Waaah... T^T

Sarangingeol (Lee Hyukjae)
This is Hyukjae's version. It's ripped from Sukira~

Just For One Day + Some Super Junior Songs
Yeah! Just For One Day is a really nice song, especially since Kyuhyun's in it~ His voice is just love ♥ ^0^

Haruman (Just For One Day) - Full Version
Just For One DayCollapse )

Sadly, no translation =C And it's the shorter version... Well anyway, Kyuhyun's voice will make you like it ♥ Hoho~

Okay, SuJu songs!

Endless Moment
Endless MomentCollapse )

Lovely Day
Lovely DayCollapse )

Today...we went to George Optical.

I just don't like going there. I don't know why, but I'm not fond of it. Especially when they need to check-up on my vision. I just don't like it =/ Well, I know it's weird...

So, before that, me and heybiffi sang! Lots of songs~ ^^ We sang pretty much all available SuJu-related You Don't Miss Your Water, All Rise, My Love, Honesty, Now and Forever... Hmm...were there more? I probably forgot them... Oh yeah, we sang Qing Fei De Yi, because it's somewhat SuJu (or maybe Eunhyuk) related ^^

I searched for U Got It Bad, but there wasn't any, so I sang Burn, which turned out very funny... >//< Then later I sang 25 nostalgic...haha ^^;;

heybiffi performed a medley~ Kitchie Nadal medley! Haha~

And you know what? There were a lot of Korean songs there, old ones though. There was Komsemari, then two songs I forgot what title they have...and Chutcha! I was really surprised that it was revived. There wasn't any Don't Go Away =C
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Epik High!

oh baby don't you know...Collapse )

First Official SuJu Post~

fanatic stuffCollapse )

In my next post, probably, I'll introduce everyone~

Cleaning the House
...actually, just our room ^^

I'm really tired today, but somehow, I don't feel any kind of disappointment. I've been planning on fixing that drawer of ours days ago, probably last week. It was completely messy, with strands of hair here and there. I should have taken a picture of the messy one first ne? Well, I hope the drawer looks more neat now.

But, I wouldn't really say that it's completely neat. Each of us has a pink box, and maybe some things are private. I ended fixing my box only. I wanted to fix theirs too, but I was thinking that they'd get mad at me for going through their things. I just kept atchi's old glasses in its case.

The black tray is still not fixed, of course. Well, the contents are few, but it's not that nice to look at. Anyway, it's been like that for months, and I'm glad that we've been able to keep the contents of the tray few. But, mine's covered with a big plastic with newspaper inside. I actually don't need it anymore, but I'm really exhausted to stand up and fix it up.

I found my old Guess watch, the one that looks identical to ditchi's, except that mine has gold parts. It's not working, definitely, but I'm hoping that it just needs a new battery. There's this namuong yellow stuff, I don't know what it is, and I'm guessing it couldn't be some sort of food. I wouldn't put food in my drawer, right? So, I hope I could get it removed by the watch repair-ers. It looks really new, no gasgas on the surface, and any where else. I'm happy that it's still in good condition. Well, not really, but it

Last year, I had this Canon calculator. It's so nice to use; I loved using it. But it was broken this year because it was being laid on by heavy stuffs. Papa said it was probably because of that. I want a new one, but still that model! Anyway, when I was fixing my pink box, I found another scientific calculator. It's pretty old, since I had that when I was still in St. Peter. And I'm guessing it's not working anymore.

Later, I dusted off the dust from my keyboard. I wanted to remove it a few days ago, but I didn't have the chance since after dusting it off, I need to sweep immediately. And so after dusting it off, I started sweeping our room. Well, you could guess that I accumulated a lot of dusts and hair strands under the bed.

And now, I want to take a bath already. But I need to rest for a while since my hand is tired from sweeping. Maybe after lunch, I will.


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