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Today...we went to George Optical.

I just don't like going there. I don't know why, but I'm not fond of it. Especially when they need to check-up on my vision. I just don't like it =/ Well, I know it's weird...

So, before that, me and heybiffi sang! Lots of songs~ ^^ We sang pretty much all available SuJu-related You Don't Miss Your Water, All Rise, My Love, Honesty, Now and Forever... Hmm...were there more? I probably forgot them... Oh yeah, we sang Qing Fei De Yi, because it's somewhat SuJu (or maybe Eunhyuk) related ^^

I searched for U Got It Bad, but there wasn't any, so I sang Burn, which turned out very funny... >//< Then later I sang 25 nostalgic...haha ^^;;

heybiffi performed a medley~ Kitchie Nadal medley! Haha~

And you know what? There were a lot of Korean songs there, old ones though. There was Komsemari, then two songs I forgot what title they have...and Chutcha! I was really surprised that it was revived. There wasn't any Don't Go Away =C
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