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Epik High!

Recently, we've been into Epik High, a hip-hop Korean band. Actually, it started when we were watching Happy Shares Company with Hyukjae as guest. Well, they're pretty cute~ I mean, Tablo is! XD

Mithra, Tablo, DJ Tukutz (?) -- I'm not sure about this one. The important thing is Tablo~

Album Cover - Volume #3 - Swan Songs

Album Cover - Repackage - Black Swan Songs


Happy Shares Co. caps~

Mithra hugging lovable Hyukjae ^-^

Hyukjae very happy that Tablo quickly guessed right with just a few...words XD

Tablo and Hyukjae being so cute~

Shindong, Hyukjae and Heechul preparing for their parody of "Fan" :P


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