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Cleaning the House
...actually, just our room ^^

I'm really tired today, but somehow, I don't feel any kind of disappointment. I've been planning on fixing that drawer of ours days ago, probably last week. It was completely messy, with strands of hair here and there. I should have taken a picture of the messy one first ne? Well, I hope the drawer looks more neat now.

But, I wouldn't really say that it's completely neat. Each of us has a pink box, and maybe some things are private. I ended fixing my box only. I wanted to fix theirs too, but I was thinking that they'd get mad at me for going through their things. I just kept atchi's old glasses in its case.

The black tray is still not fixed, of course. Well, the contents are few, but it's not that nice to look at. Anyway, it's been like that for months, and I'm glad that we've been able to keep the contents of the tray few. But, mine's covered with a big plastic with newspaper inside. I actually don't need it anymore, but I'm really exhausted to stand up and fix it up.

I found my old Guess watch, the one that looks identical to ditchi's, except that mine has gold parts. It's not working, definitely, but I'm hoping that it just needs a new battery. There's this namuong yellow stuff, I don't know what it is, and I'm guessing it couldn't be some sort of food. I wouldn't put food in my drawer, right? So, I hope I could get it removed by the watch repair-ers. It looks really new, no gasgas on the surface, and any where else. I'm happy that it's still in good condition. Well, not really, but it

Last year, I had this Canon calculator. It's so nice to use; I loved using it. But it was broken this year because it was being laid on by heavy stuffs. Papa said it was probably because of that. I want a new one, but still that model! Anyway, when I was fixing my pink box, I found another scientific calculator. It's pretty old, since I had that when I was still in St. Peter. And I'm guessing it's not working anymore.

Later, I dusted off the dust from my keyboard. I wanted to remove it a few days ago, but I didn't have the chance since after dusting it off, I need to sweep immediately. And so after dusting it off, I started sweeping our room. Well, you could guess that I accumulated a lot of dusts and hair strands under the bed.

And now, I want to take a bath already. But I need to rest for a while since my hand is tired from sweeping. Maybe after lunch, I will.

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Wow really? You did all these? I never even knew O_o And I haven't been looking at our drawer in a long time XD

I need to clean up my things too, ne?

Thanks for cleaning up! ^^

It was fun cleaning up, actually ^^ Although it was pretty hot since I had to turn off the fan, in case papers and plastics fly everywhere XD

But your things are kept orderly, so it's not much of a need ^^

Huwawwww really now? I can't believe my things are orderly. That's the last thing anyone would say to me, I think XD

Why naman?? I think you like keeping your things organized!! ^^

Yeah. Just look at my computer desk now ^_~

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