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First Official SuJu Post~

Can you guess who this post is about?? n_n

Well, it can't be helped, right? Super Junior is adorably cute group. That reminds me, I still haven't uploaded any pics of them. They're a lot, 13 members, and it's hard to describe them through words. I might end up putting "cute" in the ten members~ XD Haha, I'm mean~

Anyway, we've been watching a lot of perfs of them. And...Kyuhyun's SO cute! XD I always watch him, so I really couldn't say that the others are cute as well. But Donghae is! XD Agh~ I'm confusing, aren't I? Okay, sometimes I watch Donghae. And well, he's a good dancer.

This post is completely random comments on MVs, perfs, and other shows...mostly about Kyuhyun... XD

There was this perf of Twins where Hankyung and Siwon aren't around. So, Sungmin and Donghae had to take their parts. And Donghae's so funny!! He always had to breathe in between his lines XD Well, he's probably tired from dancing. There was also this part that Sungmin was so bigay in singing his part...! He's so funny, yet cute~ XD

Then, they had a perf of Miracle together with Tic! Toc! Siwon was looking really nice there. The outfit fits him very well. Kyuhyun's also cute, dancing at the back. There was this part where he was dancing so happily~ Later, after the bridge part, he and Shindong were at the side, and Shindong lifted him up. Haha, so cute~ But really, I wouldn't have noticed it if I wasn't focusing my attention on Kyuhyun XD

Sungmin's also cute there, especially at the beginning of that perf, Miracle + Tic! Toc! He was doing a step with the "V" sign. Kangin behind him was also cute, although he looked bored at the bit end of that step. Or maybe not. And also Donghae, he was all smile.

I like the choreography in U, so awesome...! And it looked really nice since they were sabay-sabay. Heechul looked nice here, like a girl, actually XD And, Kyuhyun is still cute~

Dancing Out is also a fun and cute song. The dance is also nice. Hankyung was so happy dancing~ I don't think I'd comment of the perfs for now, since the perfs heybiffi got are all from YouTube. I'm hoping we'll be able to get better perfs, though ^^

So, so...K.R.Y. has this really nice song, an OST for a drama, Hyena. The song's title is Han Sarammaneul, The One I Love. It's quite a sad song. Kyuhyun's also cute there, although he's really serious. Actually, I think I really liked him here.

They have another song, The Night Chicago Died. It's a funny song, for me. But it's quite cute too. I'm not sure if it's for Hyena, but I'm guessing it's not, since in the forum where I got this song, it didn't say anything about this being an OST of Hyena. Anyway, it's a bit fast-paced. And still as ever, Kyuhyun's voice is so nice~

Kyuhyun also has a solo, another song for Hyena, entitled Smile. At first, I thought it was a happy song, but it was rather something classical. No, I don't it's classical. I don't know how you call that, but it's like an 80's song. Kyuhyun's voice is pretty low there, and it sounds somewhat...weird. ><

In my next post, probably, I'll introduce everyone~


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